Moscow Av., 72, 210038 Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

 +375 (212) 49-53-08; +375 44 521-11-05 (Velcom)

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Center for marketing and international cooperation

 Romanovich Elena Sergeevna

Head of center

 +375 (212) 49-53-07


 Konoshonok Tatyana Alexandrovna

Head of international relations sector

 +375 (212) 49-53-08
+375 44 521-11-05 (Velcom)


 Issue of training and registration of foreign citizens, international marketing, inviting foreign students to study

 Registration of business trips abroad, receiving foreign delegations, inviting foreign scientists, professors and trainees, international projects, academic mobility programs

 Stepanova Victoria Valerevna

Contracts and agreements department

 +375 (212) 49-53-16
+375 44 511-10-55 Velcom


 Issue of tuition fees, preparation of invoices, execution of installments and additional agreements

 Сonclusion, renewal and support of contracts on training specialists with higher education

 Preparation of materials on the provision of discounts on tuition (in conjunction with the deans) and orders for discounts from the formed cost of training, preparation of materials on the transfer from paid study to training at the expense of the budget

 formation and analysis of a database of places for the employment of graduates, based on monitoring the labor market and the stated demand for personnel

 Execution of long-term bilateral agreements with enterprises, organizations and institutions on training specialists, recording and compilation of necessary information about them; generalization of enterprise applications and the formation of a package of orders for enterprises and organizations interested in university specialists, adjusting data on the need for graduates of the university for the future