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Внимание! Встречи ректора со студентами
15.40, учебно-лабораторный корпус № 1, аудитория 330

10.10.2017 - факультет дизайна

11.10.2017 - факультет производственных технологий

12.10.2017 - факультет информационных технологий и робототехники

13.10.2017 - факультет экономики и бизнес-управления

The enrollment to the Seventh Student School in Economics is opened

Applicants selected for participation will be awarded with scholarships covering tuition fee and possible reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for students from regional Belarusian universities subject to study success.

Specialization in economics is not a must for the prospective candidates. BEROC welcomes students of non-economic faculties (especially mathematics and physics departments).

Candidates' selection criteria >>>

To apply, please, fill in our application form in English before July 23, 2017.

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