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11.05.17 Varna University of Management - EU Summer School 2017

Open letter

Dear partners,
We at VUM are excited to introduce to you a great summer opportunity for your students. In the period of June – August 2017, VUM is organizing a Summer University that will cover various modules in the fields of Business, Management and Marketing. Each of the scheduled modules has a duration of four weeks and will be delivered by renowned VUM professors and experts. We are building on the success and great experience we had last summer with the facilitation of the 2016 VUM Summer University. This year we are looking forward to welcoming even more international students. They will come from over 20 universities worldwide. More details about the Summer University and the study programme could be found in the attached file.

We are taking the opportunity to inform you that this year VUM is offering a special Summer University scholarship scheme to students of all our partner universities worldwide including your University.

The tuition fee of each of the modules listed in the attached leaflet amounts to 690 EUR per student and shall be transferred to VUM prior to the start of the module. Each participating student registered at one of our partner universities is entitled to a scholarship of min. 200 EUR for the module he/she would like to join. Provided more students from your University apply, the amount of the scholarship that each of them will receive increases as follows:

  • In case of 2 students register for a module - 300 EUR will be paid for each of them
  • In case of 3 students register for a module - 400 EUR will be paid for each of them
  • In case of 4 students register for a module - 500 EUR will be paid for each of them
  • In case of 5 or more students register for a module - 600 EUR will be paid for each of them

All scholarships will be paid to the students after their arrival at VUM. Given the very affordable living expenses in Bulgaria, the scholarships we offer will certainly help the students to cover the main bulk of their costs linked to accommodation and subsistence. We would be very grateful if you could circulate this information and the attached file to as many students of yours as possible.

VUM Summer University Team remains at your disposal for any questions which you or your students may have regarding the presented opportunities.

We thank you for your cooperation and support.

Yours faithfully,
VUM Summer University Team

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