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Nowadays the university is an educational, research and production complex, which includes seven faculties, a sports complex, a canteen, a student sanatorium, a library, a Graduate School, a Postgraduate School, a Centre for Doctoral Training, a Regional Centre for Testing and other units. The University is a founding member of the Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise «Scientific and Technological Park of Vitebsk State Technological University».

The university has 19 chairs, 15 of which are graduate chairs. About 7,000 students study at full-time and correspondence courses. Scientific and pedagogical staff of the university amounts to 308 people, including 16 doctors of sciences, 118 candidates of sciences, 14 professors, 121 associate professors. Preparation of highly qualified personnel is being carried out: 27 people are being trained at the Postgraduate School in 7 specialties, 1 person is being trained at the Centre for Doctoral Training. Specialists are trained at the Graduate School in 9 specialties (56 people are being trained at the moment). The Council for PhD theses defense is working.

Training of specialists with higher education is conducted in 20 specialties of stage I and in 9 specialties of stage II for light industry, textile industry, machinery and other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Belarus. Until now there have been trained about 35,000 specialists with higher education.

Close cooperation with industrial enterprises has been established. 109 agreements on cooperation have been concluded with the contracting personnel until 2020. The University is a reliable partner of «Bellegprom» concern for training of specialists and implementation of research works.

The University is working hard on the computerization of the educational process and scientific research. The Information Technology Center includes a publishing department, which has advanced printing equipment, 22 computer classes. The Information Technology Center provides faculties, departments and other structural units of the University with communication means. Internet resources and modern computer systems are used for the educational process and scientific research. During 2014 the publishing department issued 969 publisher's lists of educational and methodical literature (over 18,000 copies.), 3 educational books and one textbook with an UMO visa, 4 monographs, 18 abstracts of the lectures.

The university library has circulation departments of educational and fiction literature, 5 reading halls (general, economic sciences, humanities, engineering sciences, art), a hall of information resources. Total number of book fund amounts to more than 480 thousand items and is constantly updated. Annually the library serves more than 19,000 readers.

The university has a Regional Testing Center. In 2014 31,514 people were tested, including 20605 – trial testing, 10909 – centralized testing.

Much attention is paid at the university to strengthening of students’ health. The student sanatorium for 75 people works, which is equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed with qualified personnel. In 2014 750 students improved their health at the sanatorium. The sanatorium offers paid medical services for the staff and students on a preferential basis.

The University has a canteen with 200 seats, 6 buffets for 116 seats, and a delicatessen shop. The canteen offers diet food for people improving their health at the sanatorium.

Over 350 students, who attend various amateur-talent groups of the University, took part in festivals and competitions in 2014.

Much attention is paid to the development of the creative potential of teachers of artistic disciplines at the University, 6 teachers are members of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Belarus, 19 are members of the Belarusian Union of Designers.

The university has established an art school, which claims to be known in the country and far beyond its borders. Teachers, graduates and students of design specialties regularly participate and win prizes and awards at the highest level in city, national and international exhibitions of advertising and design, competitions of fashion designers of clothing and shoes. Students - designers took part in many competitions, exhibitions and academic competitions.

  • In the 19th International Student Contest - «A Clockwork Orange-2014» (Moscow) - three silver diplomas, three bronze diplomas, and one student won the contest.
  • In the Republican contest of student works «Golden Nut-2014» - «For Creativity» and «Minimalism and imagery» - two first, two second and one third place.
  • In the Republican contest «Fashion Silhouette» - Nadzezhda Gutnikova took the first place.
  • In the International Festival of Design «Arrow-2014» - Natalia Dorozhkina won the nomination «Lautrec Today».
  • In the academic competition for students and graduates of higher educational establishments of the National University «Higher School of Economics» in «Design» (Moscow) - Natalia Dorozhkina won and according to the results of the contest she was enrolled to the Master’s programme of the National University «Higher School of Economics» for the program «Communication Design» without entrance examinations.
  • In the Republican exhibition of contemporary visual art of university students «Art Academy 2014» - Inna Saperova won with a collection of carpets «Signs».
  • In the International exhibition-competition «Art Session-2014» - the titles of winners were awarded to:
    • Victoria Maloletkina in the nomination «Design»;
    • Natalia Dorozhkina and Victoria Maloletkina in the nomination «Actual art»;
    • Anastasiya Silutina for the project «Suprematic matryoshka doll»;
    • Anastasiya Liskova for the theatre project «Diploma. One for two».
  • In the XV International exhibition-competition of contemporary art «Russian Art Week-2014» - the first place in the nomination «experimental sculptural forms».
  • At the XXIII Republican festival-competition of fashion and photo «Fashion Mill-2014&rauo;
    • first place in the nomination «Women’s collection&rqauo; – Anna Zabelina
    • second and third place in the nomination «Teenagers’ collection» – Vladislava Vasilieva and Elena Gavrilovich Anna Zabelina, Elena Gavrilovic and Vladislava Vasilieva participated in the International art studio «Fashion Mill-2014» in Warsaw, Berlin and Paris.

In the International competition of posters «Post it Awards - 2014» - Catherine Yazvinskaya won the Grand Prix and training in the UK.

In the contest of creative works «keeping faith to far courage ...» - in the nomination «Picture, poster» Olga Neronova was awarded the third place, at the XIII International Art Festival «Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk» the collection of women's clothing by Snezhana Karpovich became the winner.

Collection of Nadzezhda Gutnikova «Sunny world for all» won the Grand Prix at the regional competition-exhibition project «Zdravnevskaya palette».

Within the framework of the Russian Art Week, which took place in the Central House of Artists (Moscow), at the XVI International Exhibition of Modern Art 10 students took the first place for the work «Fragile place» in the nomination «experimental sculptural forms».

Every year more than 85% of university students participate in scientific and technical conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and contests.

74 works were represented at the XX Republican contest of scientific works of students of higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus. 3 students won the contest, 48 scientific papers received the first category.

At the IX International Student scientific forum of regional universities «Student Scientific winter in Brest-2014» University was represented by two teams: one - in the specialty «Accounting, Analysis and Audit», the other - in the specialty «Finance and Credit». The team of students in the specialty «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» won the 2nd place. Within the framework of the section «Improvement of accounting, analysis and control in modern conditions» they won 2nd place and 3rd place. Within the framework of the section «Actual tendencies of the development of financial and credit sectors of the economy» they won 2nd place. At the International academic competition on «Accounting and Audit» - 1- and 2-nd place were won. At the International academic competition in «Finance and Credit» 2nd place and 3rd place were won.

In the contest «Future experts of computer 3D-modeling», which was held October 10, 2014 in St. Petersburg, the students of VSTU shared the second and third place in the specialty «Engineering». The second place was awarded to Roman Tsvetnukh for the project «roller press with a screw conveyor». The third place was awarded to the team of authors: Dmitry Shumilo, Anatoly Maximov and Evgeny Mahnach who presented the project «Automated assembly line for the permanent joint».

In the Republican championship on solving business case studies in the field of IT (with the support of the Faculty of Economics of «BSU» and «High-tech Park») the 1st place was won.

In the Republican contest of the Belarusian Association of Insurers among students for the best publication on insurance Diplomas of the 2nd and 3rd category were got.

In the International Competition of research, design and creative works of young scientists of Eurasia «Culture, science and creativity: Dialogue and Development» the Diploma of the 2nd degree was received.

In 2014, implementation of the 1st task in accordance with the industry scientific and technical program «Innovative Technologies in the light industry» was continued, two tasks were performed according to a new industry scientific and technical program «High materials and technologies in the light industry», the state customer of which is «Bellegprom» concern, the head organization-executor is the EE «VSTU».

In 2014, EE «VSTU» was a co-executor of 7 state research programs: «Energy security, energy efficiency and conservation, nuclear energy»; «Electronics and Photonics»; «Mechanics, technical diagnostics, metallurgy»; »Functional and composite materials, nanomaterials»; «Computer science and space, science security and protection from emergency situations»; «Building materials and technologies»; «History, culture, society and the state».

In total, within the framework of the GPNI 13 research works, including 3 works from the year 2013 are run at the University this year.

In 2014, the University continued to implement its four international projects aimed at promoting the modernization of higher education in the framework of the TEMPUS IV:

  1. 530621-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-BG-TEMPUS-JPGR – Leading and managing change in higher education (chief coordinator – International university college, Bulgaria);
  2. 543707-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES – Ecological Education for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (chief coordinator – Bremen university, Germany);
  3. 544390-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-GR-TEMPUS-JPHES – University and Industry for the modernisation of textile manufacturing sector in Belarus (chief coordinator – Pirues Technological Institute, Greece);
  4. 544498-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPHES – Interregional Net-work for Innovative Development of Ecosystems Technosphere Based on Micro- and Nanoobject Technologies – (chief coordinator – Royal Technological Institute, Stockholm, Sweden).

In 2014 the EE «VSTU» organized and conducted the following research activities: a joint forum of VSTU and the institution «New Eurasia» «Building bridges between the real economy and education»; 47th International scientific and technical conference of teachers and students; meeting of the section «Technology and Equipment of Light Industry and Engineering», International Scientific Conference «Youth. Intelligence. Initiative»; International scientific-practical seminar «Theoretical and methodological basics of the educational process in high school»; International scientific conference «Alloys with a shape memory effect: properties, technology and prospects»; joint seminar of VSTU and NPOOO «Lakshmi» «Modern methods and means of automation of designing clothes»; seminar "Development Strategy «La Manche» in the partner countries and the presentation of a virtual research platform «La Manche»; International Scientific Conference «Innovative technologies in textile and light industry»; International scientific-practical seminar «Problems of interaction between universities of Belarus and the EU countries with textile enterprises»; seminar «Association of Employers and Entrepreneurs» for the students «Business for young people».

In 2014 innovative developments of the University scientists were demonstrated at a number of international exhibitions, such as:

  • XX International Exhibition-Congress «High Technologies. Innovation. Investments», (HI-TECH 2014) (March 12-14, 2014, St. Petersburg);
  • Hannover Industrial Fair «HANNOVER MESSE - 2014» (April 7 -11, 2014, Germany);
  • International Exhibition «Russian-Chinese Expo» (July 3-4, 2014 Harbin, China);
  • International Ural Exhibition «INNOPROM - 2014» (July 9 – 12, 2014 Ekaterinburg);
  • National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus (October 21- 23, 2014, Novosibirsk);
  • 5th International specialized exhibition «Man and Safety» (November 26-28, 2014, Minsk);
  • Vietnam International Trade Fair «VIETNAM EXPO 2014» (December 3 -6, 2014);
  • visit of the President of Belarus of the RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill» (September 20, 2014, Orsha);
  • Exhibition of innovative scientific and technical developments of ministries and agencies within the framework of the Day of Belarusian Science (January 23-24, 2014, Minsk);
  • International Forum «Innovations. Investment. Prospects» (February 5, 2014, Vitebsk)
  • science and innovations in Belarus (March 27-28, 2014, Minsk);
  • Exhibition «Medicine and Health» (October 21 -24, 2014, Minsk) and a number of other international forums held in the Republic of Belarus.

On the basis of the university a set of events aimed at improving the aesthetic level of students, promoting a sense of patriotism, forming citizenship, familiarizing with the national traditions is constantly carried out.

Over 350 students attending various amateur-talent groups of the University took part in festivals and competitions in 2014.

During one year amateur-talent groups participated in more than 80 events on the basis of the university and at the city, district, republican and international levels.

The annual festival of amateur-talent groups «Golden Melody Autumn - 2014» was attended by over 300 students from all faculties.

Amateur-talent groups of the University are permanent winners of various competitions and festivals.

In the final round of the II Republican contest of young talents «Star Risen over Belarus» in the nomination «Pop singing» Anastasiya Leikina was awarded the Diploma of I degree, Alexei Pavlov - II degree Diploma, Karina Pushkareva - III degree Diploma. In the nomination «Modern Dance» the National Student choreographic ensemble «Vitebchanka» became the winner of the Diploma of II degree (diploma of I degree was not awarded).

Art group «DVORy» became a laureate in the III International Interuniversity Festival of Contemporary Dance «Take a step forward!».

Anna Myadelets won the Vitebsk regional competition of grace and artistry «Queen of Spring-2014», and then won the national finals and became the owner of the title of the First Vice-Miss of the International contest held in Chita (Russian Federation) with the participation of representatives of Russia, Belarus, China, India, Kazakhstan and many other countries.

The members of a student fashion house Veronica Rydkina, Elena Veremeychuk and Anna Myadelets have got the right to participate in the final of the National beauty contest «Miss Belarus-2014».

The university students achieved great success in the finals of the republican festival of students' art «ART-vakatsyі 2014». According to the festival results the following artists and ensembles of the University were awarded:

  • Student fashion house for the fourth time in a row won in the category «Fashion Theatre» and the only one among the creative teams of Belarusian universities was awarded the Grand Prix of the festival «For many years of fruitful activity, a large contribution to the civil-patriotic and artistic-aesthetic education of students»;
  • art group «DVORy» - the first degree Diploma in the nomination «The group of sports dance»;
  • Catherine Slavina - the first degree Diploma in the nomination «The soloist of the national direction»;
  • Kiryll Safronov and Anastasiya Leikina - the first degree Diploma in the category «Video Clip»;
  • pop dance studio «V.I.P.» - second degree Diploma in the category «Ensemble of variety dance»;
  • Vladislav Bobarnyov and Alexander Kovalenko - second degree Diploma in the nomination «Group of the original genre».

Art group «DVORy» took part in the opening ceremony of the XXIII International Art Festival «Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk» with the Russian singer Pelagea;

Pop dance studio «V.I.P.» performed in a gala concert and awards ceremony of the XII International Children's Music Contest «Vitebsk - 2014», which took place within the framework of XXIII International Art Festival «Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk» in the concert hall «Vitebsk», where the team performed with member of the international jury Plamen Patov (Bulgaria);

Student fashion house and art-group «DVORy» took part in the closing ceremony concert of XXIII International Art Festival «Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk».

Anastasiya Leikina took part in Belarusian final of Karaoke World Championship, where she won 2nd place and was sent as an honoured guest to the final event of the Championship in Stockholm (Sweden).

Karina Pushkareva represented Belarus in the final contest of vocalists «Youth - for the Union State» held in Rostov-on-Don.

Anastasiya Leikina won the TV music project «Singing city. Season 3», which was held by the TV channel «STV» in Minsk. Thanks to her the city of Vitebsk in 2015 was named the most singing city of Belarus.

Anna Myadelets won the district stage of the Republican contest «Student of the Year-2014» and will represent the Pridvin’e region in the republican finals.

The student fashion house took part in the closing ceremony of the XXVII International Festival of Contemporary Choreography in Vitebsk.

The University has a modern material base for sports and recreation activities and training of high-level athletes. At the University there are 18 groups of sports perfection for 21 kinds of sport and 5 sports sections for 6 kinds of sport where more than 380 students are trained. Year-round Dorm Olympics are held among students in 11 kinds of sports, involving teachers and staff in 9 different kinds of sports, as well as among students living in dormitories in 10 kinds of sports.

According to the results of the academic year 2013-2014, the University took the 1st team place in the year-round sports contest of Vitebsk universities. According to the results of the Republican Universiade-2014, the University was the best among the universities of Vitebsk region and took the 1st team place for the third group. Athletics team won the bronze medal at the winter and summer Universiade Championships.

Belarusian Association of Student Athletics in 2014 established 10 scholarships for students-athletes. Such a scholarship in the category «Mass Sports» was granted a student of the Economics Faculty, Artyom Ravkov.

The University has a museum and an exhibition center, exhibition halls which familiarize visitors with the achievements of teachers, staff and students in the professional, scientific, educational, sports and creative fields, excursion work is carried aimed at creating the image of the university, forming respect for the traditions and history of the university, the general cultural education of students.

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