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28-29 октября 2015 года

The purpose of the conference is to dis-cuss the actual directions of social and economic development of the organizations and regions of Belarus and to develop practical recommenda-tions for their effective realization. This conference continues a cycle of the scientific and practical conferences held by the Faculty of Economics of EI «VSTU» since 2001 where the specialists and academic staff of HEIs, representatives of authorities, local governing bodies, organizations representatives of the Republic of Belarus usually participate. During the conference the experts from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, other countries dealing with issues of social and economic development of the organizations and regions will be engaged.

During the conference it is planned to or-ganize a round table for joint discussion of actual problems of training of specialists of economic specialties of the first and second degree of higher education.

To take part in the conference it’s necessary to register on the conference web-site http://conference.vstu.by/ and to post hard copy of your report to the conference organizing committee till September 10, 2015. By the results of the conference the collection of reviewed scientific arti-cles will be published.

Information on the conference fee will be specified in the invitation to the conference.

Report papers should be posted to the address:

Room 217, Moscow Av., 72,
210035 Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus
EI «VSTU», Conference committee

+375 (212) 47-02-29 (Research department)

Information letter


Information about the organizational fee will be specified in the invitation to the conference.

Conference languages: English.

The publication of the collected materials is planned after the conference.


To participate in the conference it is necessary to register the report on web-site http://conference.vstu.by/, fill in the application form and attach the report file in .doc format (file name – author’s surname, city) up to October 10, 2014.

In case of collective authorship the report should be registered only once on any of the authors. Paper version of the report and the application form should be sent by postal address:

EI «VSTU», Moscow Av., 72
210035 Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus
labeled «Innovation 2014»


The purpose of the symposium is to introduce professionals, postgraduates, undergraduates and university students as well as experts of textile and chemical enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and Russia to the latest achievements in the field of production and quality assessment of textile yarns and fabrics.


Free text access to ScienceDirect information resources (science journal) and SCOPUS (list of journals indexed) is available from all the computers of local area network of the 1-st and the 4-th university buildings, which have Internet access www.scopus.com.

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