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Vitebsk State Technological University


Vitebsk State Technological University is an efficient academic-scientific-production complex. Today, on the eve of the professional holiday of the Belarusian scientists we’re focusing on the scientific activities of this prestigious Belarusian University, to be more precise, on the most striking achievements of last year. It’s impossible to cover them in detail only in one article because each achievement is worth mentioning.

Status - scientific organization

Vitebsk State Technological University trains highly qualified scientific personal in 6 specialities, successfully works the Council for Defending Theses. 322 people including 15 Doctors of Science and 129 Candidates of Science, 13 Professors and 118 Associate Professors work there. 24 branches of VSTU departments successfully cooperate with enterprises and institutions, including OAO «KIM» and JV «Marko» Ltd», RUPTE «Orsha Linen Mill». 72 scientific research and development activities with annual funding 3108,3 million rubles were performed in 2012. Scientists of our University participated in the implementation of Industrial Science and Technology Program “Innovative technologies in light industry”. More than 12 years VSTU has been an executing agency of this program and other 8 State research programs coordinated by the National Academy of Sciences. 8 economic contracts with companies and institutions of the region were performed. The world level of scientific research is confirmed by publications in prestigious scientific journals.

212 developments were implemented in the educational process, 80 scientific developments were introduced into production. 2 PhD theses were successfully defended by the scientists of VSTU. 5 applications for an invention and 3 utility model applications were submitted to the National Center of Intellectual Property. 12 patents (8 – on inventions, 4- utility models) were received in 2012. 9 scientific events, including 5 international conferences and 4 seminars were held in VSTU.

The University has gained international recognition. It cooperates with the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal and other countries. The University Testing Center has the right to test products in the Customs Union. 6 new contracts and agreements on scientific and creative cooperation with foreign universities were concluded in 2012, two long-term cooperation agreements are prolonged until 2012. 5 letters of intent with universities and organizations in China, Portugal, and India were singed. Direct inter-university cooperation is carried out with 29 academic and research organizations, foreign institutions of CIS and non-CIS countries. In 2011-2012 the contract with the Eurasia Foundation on the issue of “Cases of Belarusian business: the development and introduction to business education” was fulfilled. Since last October the Project “Leadership and management changes in the education”, where 29 universities from 11 countries started operating, has been carried out by the Program TEMPUS IV. On the results the Belarusian-Ukrainian research project competition VSTU and Kherson National Technical University execute the development of resource-saving technologies for processing and production of fiber crops combined with fibers to produce new materials and textiles for special use.

High-level scientific researches are set up at the department of design (Head of Department- Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor – G.Kazarnovskya), labor protection and industrial ecology department (Head of Department – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – S.Kovchur), the department of natural and chemical fibres spinning (Head of Department - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – A.Kogan), the department of technology of knitted goods manufacture (Head of Department – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor – A.Charkovski), the department of leather goods design and technology(Head of Department - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – V.Gorbachik), the department of technology and equipment of machine-building production (Head of Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor – V.Alchanski), physics department (Head of Department - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor – V.Rubanik), economics department (Head of Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor – T.Kasaeva) etc. The information about leading departments of the university has repeatedly been published.

The department of automation of technological processes and production (Head of Department - Doctor of Technical Sciences A.Kuznetsov) is a dynamically growing one. It is actively developing such a scope of activity as the development of advanced automated systems for remote control and monitoring of industrial facilities. This development refers to the studies in IT-technology. The developed system implements remote monitoring and control of the operation of equipment, enables to take measures in case of emergency, analyzes and predicts the technical condition. This development is in demand not only in industry but also in the system of housing and communal services.

Union with experience and youth

The university can be proud of its students and their results. The students of VSTU actively participate in scientific research, international contests, olympiads, conferences, exhibitions. The students of the department of design got 3 “silver” and 2 “gold” diplomas, 3 students became prizewinners on the XVII International student contest for best work in the field of packaging “Lovely orange-2012” held in Moscow. Students received one diploma of the first degree, 3 diplomas of finalists, 1 third place on the International festival of Photo and Style “Melnitsa Mody-2012”. The students and instructors of the department of machines and technologies of highly effective treatment processes regularly participate in the International contest of Moscow firm “ASKON” “Future Ace of computer 3-D modeling”. In 2012 three of the four sent to the competition projects were among the winners: the first place - in the category «The best application development to the 3D COMPAS»; the second - in the category «The best application development to the 3D COMPAS» and the same prize in the category from 200 – till 1000 parts in the assembly. For significant achievements in the X-competition (Future Ace of computer 3-D modeling) the university is awarded by individual certificates for getting the software of «ASCON» Company to the amount of 75 000 Russian Rubles. The international scientific Forum of regional universities «Student’s Brest Winter- 2012» was held in December. Ekaterina Islamova, the student of the speciality «Accounting, analysis and audit», was the first place according to the results of the olympiad and conference. In general, University team, trained by the instructors of the economics department and commercial activity department finally received a special prize and a diploma for the practical importance of carrying out research.

Technopark unique design department

VSTU Science and Technology Park operates for commercialization. In 2012 the design department, equipped with a unique hard-copy-software complex, including 7 special workstation software intended for the design of various equipment, plotters, printers, and a hard-measuring complex, including 3D scanner, 3D printer and workstation for equipment maintenance, was set up there. This equipment allows working in a direction until precise three-dimensional models of real objects with a high degree of detailing; get information about the surface, shape and color of an object in digital form followed by the embodiment of the real solid copies with 3D models of the design and tooling. It means the design department is ready to solve any practical design problem. All conditions were created for bringing university projects to the practical application, their own innovation, and assisting industry and entrepreneurs in the creation and implementation of innovations. Specialists of the design department have already completed a number of orders for the Vitebsk enterprises.

Rebirth of Belarusian symbols

Slutsk belts - the highest achievement of the world art and culture in the second half XVIII-XIX centuries. During its existence the manufactory in Belarusian town Slutsk produced about 5 thousand of unique belts. Ceasing to be a part of the gentry costume, they have become the artistic value. But today there are only a few collections and the technologies of creating belts are lost. The University is a member of State program of Slutsk belts revival and industrial development of the national souvenirs “Slutsk belts” for 2012-2015. The creative team of specialists of the Department of Design and Weaving under the direct leadership of Kazarnovskaya developed the structure and manufacturing of an authentic belt with the help of modern weaving machinery. This makes it possible to receive products corresponding to historical analogue. The scientists of VSTU will take an active part in souvenirs production with the theme of Slutsk belts and training of specailists.

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