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Head of the Museum of History of EE «VSTU»
Dorofeeva Irina Anatolievna

In the University there has been created a museum and exhibition complex – museum of history of VSTU, a hall of scientific innovation products, and the exhibition hall of department of design, which has been collected by joint efforts of the tutors, workers and students.

The exhibition halls represent achievements in professional, scientific, educational and creative spheres. On the basis of this museum and exhibition complex there are a lot of excursions in order to preserve historical memory and to form an image of the University.

The activities of the museum and exhibition center are aimed at:

  • preservation of historical memory
  • respect for the history and traditions of the University
  • development of scientific and creative potential
  • career guidance and general cultural education
  • image formation of the university
  • museum of History (office 301) «The history and tradition of the University» (permanent exposition)
  • Exhibition Hall (office 302) «The creative work of teachers and students’ graduation projects of the department of design»
  • 4th academic building.
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