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1st Annual «Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy» (EDSA) a summer academy for doctoral researchers within social sciences

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After the successful completion EDSA and full attendance, all participants will be awardeda Certificate from partner universities and receive three (3) academic credits for their successful participation and gainednew knowledge and expertise. In addition, EDSA offers its participants to publish one paper in a special issue of «EurAsian Journal of Leadership» dedicated to EDSA.

Academic Mobility to Turkey! Dear students and academic staff!

Mevlana Program Regulation is available here

Karabuk University website: http://www.karabuk.edu.tr/eng/

Application forms for students and staff should be taken at 217 room
(Alena Aliakseyeva, specialist in international activity, inter@vstu.by, tel. 47-02-29).

The Department of public policy and management Korea development Institute in 2016 scholarships for Belarusian students

The KDI School was founded as an affiliated educational institution of the Korea Development Institute (KDI), a premier government economic think tank at the forefront of social science research for the past 40 years. Drawing from the resources of the institute, the KDI School provides exceptional education that combines current academic theories with comprehensive and innovative practical research to support the national vision and key policy agendas.

Hong Tack Chun

Dean of KDI School of Public Policy and Management

KOI School of Public Policy and Management, 263 Namscjong-ro, Scjong 339-007, Republic of Korea

82-44-550-12SI / 1220



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