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09/04/12 Project implementation «Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education»

October 2012 the project implementation «Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education» has started within Tempus program, in which four Belarusian universities will participate:

  • Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU);
  • Belarusian Trade and EconomicsUniversity of Consumer Cooperatives (BTEU);
  • P.O. Sukhoi StateTechnical University of Gomel;
  • Vitebsk State Technological University.

29 universities from 11 partner countries are involved in the project.

In November 2012 the kick-off meeting of the project partners and the Steering Committee meeting was held in Dobrich (Bulgaria).

The following results are expected:

  • Self-assessment and external analysis of leadership and management skills and models at PCs HEIs;
  • Changing Higher Education in Societies it Transitions: In-depth Study Report on Modernization Processes in HE in PCS and their Implications for HEIs;
  • Handbook of Innovative European Governance Practices in HE;
  • Capacity building activities including development of syllabuses and guidance materials in leadership and change management.
  • Training of trainers in leadership and change management, followed by local multiplication trainings at the PCs HEIs;
  • Promotion of transportation collaboration of EU and PCs HE leaders and other key stakeholders in HE trough the LaMANCE Virtual Think Tank;
  • Development of Strategy for Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education in the Eastern Neighboring Area (La MANCHE Strategy).

Currently partnership agreements defined the role of each university in the project are being prepared. VSTU has been assigned the role of participation in the group of quality accuracy and evaluation, work in Belarusian focus groups, the research and development of proposals for modernizing management processes at the institutional level.

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