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The programme we are sending is provisional. After the admission the participants will receive the final programme.

To get more information please do not hesitate to contact Alicja Dzienis, a.dzienis@pb.edu.pl

Please note that the participants’ costs in Bialystok are: transfer to Bialystok, accommodation, meals and events not enclosed in the programme.


Improving of environmental education of engineering students on the basis of a practice-oriented approach


Practice-oriented approach in the environmental education is realized only when the natural science basics of the environmental issues in the context of professional activity are determined.



The first meeting of the La MANCHE consortium took place between 20th and 22nd of November 2012 at the premises of International University College in Dobrich, Bulgaria and was attended by representatives of all partner institutions.


Currently partnership agreements defined the role of each university in the project are being prepared. VSTU has been assigned the role of participation in the group of quality accuracy and evaluation, work in Belarusian focus groups, the research and development of proposals for modernizing management processes at the institutional level.

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