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The Preparatory Faculty trains international students for entering the University. The tuition is paid, on a contract basis. During the 1st semester a course of Russian is taught. During the 2nd semester the applicants are obliged to complete a special Preliminary Training Course where they take the course of Russian and profile subjects in accordance with the speciality chosen. Those, who successfully finish this language course and pass exams, can be admitted to further education on the chosen course.

Period of study: 8 months.

Academic year: from 1 November- until 30 June, include 2 semesters. Foreign citizens are accepted till the 1st November.

Winter holidays: 1 week in February.

The first stage of Higher Education

The tuition is paid on a contract basis. The contract guarantees educational services, a place in dormitory, provides the use of library, reading halls, computer classes.

Period of study: 4-5 years.

Academic year from 1 September –until 30 July, include 2 semesters. Foreign citizens are accepted till the 15th of October.

Winter holidays: 2 weeks in February.

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