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The city of Vitebsk is situated in a picturesque place in the northeast of Belarus where the Vitba and the Luchosa flow into the Western Dvina. Vitebsk is an ancient city, with magnificent architectural monuments; it is the native land of such world-famous painters as Yuri Pan and Mark Chagall. The Vitebsk Academic Drama Theater named after Y. Kolas stages plays that have received worldwide recognition among foreign spectators. Numerous cinemas, museums, exhibition halls, parks, and botanical gardens give everybody the opportunity not to spend their leisure time in vain.

The climate of Vitebsk is moderately continental. Summer lasts for almost four months. At the end of September autumn comes. Winter begins in the middle of November when the average daily air temperature falls below 0?C. The winter in Belarus is characterized by changing periods of thaw and frost; there is always a lot of snow. Spring comes in March when the average daily air temperature is again above zero and the number of fine sunny days increases.

There are Orthodox and Catholic churches in Vitebsk.

The citizens of Vitebsk, as well as all Belarussians, are famous for being benevolent, friendly, and peace-loving in their relations with other peoples. Stable social-political situation is customary for Belarus.

In Vitebsk, there is a modern railway station, a bus terminal, and an airport.

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