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Vitebsk State Technological University has two hostels of block type. One third of the total number of full-time students lives there. Hostels are located near the main building of Vitebsk State Technological University. All international students have a place in the university hostels.

Students are provided with well-appointed rooms. All hostels are fully staffed with permanent employees. All hostels are provided with furniture, necessary gear and equipment. There are rooms for self-study, facilities for sports and cultural events.

Study groups and clubs on interests, sport groups of mini-football, table tennis are based on hostels. A group of general physical training is organized in Sport complex (a gym, a swimming pool). Competitions on draughts, chess, football, basketball, table tennis, mini football, swimming, volleyball, etc. are held as well.

The cost of living in hostels for foreign students (a bed in a hostel per month as of 01.01.2016) is:

Hostel № 2: 535 200 Belarusian rubles (about 25 U.S. dollars)

Hostel № 3: 689 900 Belarusian rubles (about 33 U.S. dollars)

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