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The center includes:
  • Group of programming
  • Group of operating computer networks
  • Corporate network
  • Online resources
  • Computer classes
  • Publishing department

Moscow Av., 72B, 4th educational and laboratory building

+375 (212) 47-90-00

CIT is a part of the University

It performs administrative and technical, educational functions.

It provides curriculum enhancement by introducing advanced learning technologies based on technical training.

CIT provides information technology and resources for training all the faculties of the University

CIT employees directly supporting the software and hardware of departments’ computer classes:

  • Department of clothes design and technology
  • Department of engineering drawing
  • Department of Informatics
  • Department of theoretical and applied Mathematics
  • Department of design

Information technology center is directly involved in the preparation and carrying out of tenders for the purchase of computer equipment.

CIT fulfils a technical and economic task in accordance with the provisional specification of equipment to place ads on the site of a tender, provides declaring that their participation in the tender specifications for the equipment.

After the first meeting of the tender commission reviews all the proposals for compliance with the proposed specifications for technical and economic task and gives preliminary conclusion about potential winner.

Contracting for the supply, delivery tracking, obtaining equipment and further commissioning are the problems solved by CIT employees.

The center has developed and is accompanied by a sufficiently large number of programs for accounting, human resources, training department, marketing department, etc.

CIT is helping to develop projects of other departments of the University. The last one was the equipping lecture rooms projectors and network sockets for netbooks to the projector, the connection to the local network of the plasma TV in the foyer of the ground floor of the main building. The TV is directly connected to the special equipment is embedded in a computer.

Another project is a telephone exchange. CIT staff are involved in purchasing, operating, and further customizing the station.

CIT in conjunction with the department of TTA(technical teaching aids) provides support for all international conferences in EE «VSTU»

CIT provides design and support of the University site.

Engineers-programmers with CIT service department APS commissioned an internal phone station: made crossing lines and programming station.

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